The price is the same regardless of the year, the program or the t-shirt size. All sales are contingent upon availability of the product. You may want to inquire about the availability of your desired product by an email to first. Otherwise, a refund will be issued to you if your purchased product is out of stock.

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Concert DVD: $25/each + $3 Handling

Concert Audio CD: $16/each + $3 Handling

3 2015 OPUS Camp Photo 5x7Camp Group Photo – 5″ x 7″: $5/each + $2 Handling

2 2015 OPUS Camp Photo 8x12Camp Group Photo – 8″ x 10″: $10/each + $2 Handling

Past Camp T-Shirt: $3.00/each+ $3 Handling (Please specify adult size(s))

Adult Size (S, M, L, XL…)

OPUS Logo Camp or Workshop Tote – Old Style: $10/each + $2 Handling

OPUS Logo Camp or Workshop Tote – New Style: $10/each + $2 Handling

OPUS Logo Embroidered Winter Hat: $10/each + $2 Handling

Link to OPUS Camp / Workshop Photo Collection: $20 for access to the entire collection