2021 Camp Schedule

2021 Camp Schedule

The Hybrid Camp OPUS proposed for 2021 will utilize a web platform to check students’ practice progress before the camp week and teach a part of the curriculum that is web-effective and friendly. Video software and equipment will be used to create music scores for campers to practice and to record and edit campers’ music performances. If in-person classes are not possible, all classes will be virtual.

Students’ involvements are from mid-July through August 7th.  Students’ activities in July will be by arrangements; and will be daily for most of the day in the Camp Week of August 2nd – August 6th. Families should minimize other activities for their camper child during the August week.


June 7: Deadline for Scholarship Applicants
June 14: Deadline for Enrollment
July 4: Groupings and Music Selected, Electronic Scrolling Scores/Music to Campers to Practice
July 14th Week: Virtual Meet ‘n Greet & Trainings to All
July 21st Week: 1st Progress Check
July 28th Week: 2nd Progress Check
August 2nd – August 6th: Hybrid Camp
(August 7th, in-person Concert if permitted)

Detailed 2021 Camp Schedule can be found here – July and August.