We will continue to have electronic auditions. Note there is one additional “metronome skills” audition requirement.  There is no live audition. Groupings and music  assignments will be decided by early July. Music and its scrolling score video will be made available via parent’s email to all campers around July 15th for practice prior to the camp. Faculty will perform one or more “Progress Check” after student receiving the music and before the camp begins, to ensure proper practice.  This process would include every admitted camper without exception.

Application Deadlines: (Please be mindful of the firm deadlines because grouping – and your group’s music will be selected right after.)

  • All applications: June 26, 2020
  • Tuition payment due: July 10, 2020 after notification of acceptance

The number of Chamber Music Groups and piano students are limited. Family and pre-formed groups are welcome. Campers may apply as a pre-formed ensemble. Group placement is at the discretion of faculty.

An application is incomplete until OPUS receives all three things: online registration,  online survey and YouTube video links showing both music and metronome skills.

Your YouTube video may not exceed 7 minutes and should represent your highest technical and musical ability.  This video alone will determine your music assignments. View instructions for Camp Auditions here. You should email the link(s) to campdirector.opus@gmail.com.  Please set your YouTube video(s) to public or unlisted viewing, and you may delete the video after July 31. OPUS will try to accommodate your grouping preference.

PROGRESS CHECK(s): Faculty will perform one or more “Progress Check” after student receives the music and before the camp begins, to ensure proper practice.  This process will include every admitted camper without exception.  The goal is that every camper will be able to perform “on the right click” on the first day of the camp.


  • Tuition:  $390 (no application fee)
  • Special 2020 Discount $100: $390 minus $100 = $290/each new camper
  • Past Camper Discount $50: $290 minus $50 = $240/each past camper
  • Sibling Discount $50: $290-$50 = $240/each new camper; and $190/each past camper
Important: The deadline for tuition payment is July 10, after OPUS provides you with an email indicating acceptance of the student. You may either pay online or mail a check payable to OPUS, to OPUS, PO Box 495, Naperville, IL 60566-0495.
  • Refund Policy: Refund of tuition will not be issued after July 25.
Optional Private Lessons are available daily (M-F) between 12 and 2 PM and after 4:00 PM. Subject to faculty’s agreement, OPUS will arrange based on student’s request. The rate is $50 for 50 minutes.