2020 Virtual Camp

2020 OPUS Chamber Music Virtual Camp

In recognition of epidemic-caused emotional and financial stresses, OPUS pioneered a first ever Virtual Chamber Music Camp in July-August 2020 for young musicians of violin, viola, cello, contrabass, piano and other instruments. Indeed, the 18th annual Chamber Music Camp in 2020 became an oasis away from Covid-19 stresses, providing soothing and cheering impacts to students, teachers, and the community at large, even though it was done COMPLETELY by remote learning.

OPUS had to design a brand new chamber music teaching program so children feel friendly and exciting in order to receive good learning results. OPUS added a total of three Assistant Music Directors respectively for IT, web-coaching, and camper interphase, provided new electronic scrolling scores and music click files to help students practice, more purposeful pre-camp progress checks, and encompassing higher degrees of collaboration amongst coaching teams.

Consequently, OPUS has become a leader in teaching chamber music online, furthering its excellent reputation as a provider of chamber music instruction. Students in each small ensemble provided videos after each high-quality coaching session. Their videos were audio- and video-edited and the final videos as ensembles were showcased in a well-received culminating virtual concert with a large number of viewers watching.

The 2020 OPUS Chamber Music Virtual Camp was held from August 3 to August 7 with the goal to help students develop their own artistic mastering of chamber music, and guide students on special Arts Connections Projects such as Digital Music Creation, Irish Fiddling, Improvisation, and La Folia variations. This 25-hour online program also enabled campers to make friends and grow friendships by playing music together.

OPUS 2020 Watch Party –  “Listen to Our Young Artists” Concert – 2020 OPUS Virtual Chamber Music Camp – 00:59:21 – https://youtu.be/Z8zNwJK670U

Arts Connections Showcase: