2019 Scholarship Fund


Dear OPUS Camp Families and Friends,

Please consider a donation to the scholarship fund for the 2019 OPUS Chamber Music Camp!  Donations are accepted through the end of July, 2019.

For the 94 campers in 2016, the 7-day camp cost totaled $706 per camper. But, full tuition was only $625. Needless to say, the average payment of tuition from each participant does not cover our expenses.

OPUS granted $7,870 scholarship money to 50 campers; including

  • 14 Merit Scholarships at $100 each camper;
  • 23 Honor Scholarships at $50 each camper;
  • 5 Outstanding Scholarships, averaged $530/each; and
  • 8 In-Need Scholarships, averaged $334/each.

All students receiving Merit, Honor, and Outstanding Scholarships have been evaluated and accepted solely based upon their music skills. The In-Need scholarships are for needs such as: a parent out of work, multiple applicants in the same family, special medical bills, emergencies, physical handicaps, etc. All of the students receiving financial assistance have been thoroughly investigated to ascertain their needs. So all are qualified!

We are doing this camp to help ALL children. We need your help to accommodate all of our potential students as we continue with our Chamber Music Camp in the summer of 2018.  Please help our campers extend their musical wings! 

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