OPUS (Orchestra Parents/Patrons’ United Support) Association is an IRS 501(c)3 charitable, not-for-profit volunteer organization with a mission to stimulate and sustain students’ interest in chamber and orchestral music. The signature OPUS program is its annual Chamber Music Camp for young musicians.

Vision and Mission

The OPUS vision is to enrich our community with beautiful orchestral and chamber music. The mission of OPUS is to provide inspirational and exciting opportunities for young people to build awareness of, cultivate, nurture, and strengthen performing arts by expanding their chamber music and orchestral skills. The OPUS programs are designed to encourage students to improve their musical skills and at the same time to grow socially by promoting friendships in an honest and ethical environment.

The OPUS chamber music programs have the goal of offering all participants a wonderful and inspiring experience where young musicians discover and further enhance the joy of playing and performing music with others as a team. While the music will be selected based on the range of abilities of the players, it is not how difficult the music, but rather how beautifully the campers can play it—that is the joy. The chamber music, and orchestra music for that matter, should not be the most challenging music technically in the students’ repertoire. That should come from their private lessons, in the form of scales, solos and etudes chosen for specific challenges. For the leaders at camp, in fact, the music should be relatively easy, so they can put a large percentage of their attention on the ensemble, the other parts, the other players, the balance, the phrasing and (in the orchestra) the conductor. By definition, many of the oldest and most advanced students in each division will be able to play their own parts with ease. We hope this will be a source of pride in the leaders, not a source of concern. As always, our coaches and directors will be assessing students’ potential and needs throughout the week, and providing instruction accordingly.

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