Chamber Music Camp

The connection between serious music training with professional achievements isn’t a coincidence. Scientific evidence has concluded that string and piano musical lessons significantly improved children’s spatial-temporal reasoning (the basis for engineering, math and chess). Multiple studies link music study to academic achievement. The study of strings and piano based chamber music in small ensembles of two to five players develops teamwork and draws on the individual strengths of each musician.

The OPUS summer music camp provides professional-level instruction in chamber music in a peer to peer environment. The camp is popular and joyful, attracting many of same enthusiastic students year after year. Camaraderie, character-building, teamwork, cultural appreciation and musical skills are just a few of the many benefits campers come away with after attending the OPUS camp. New friendships are born and old friendships are rekindled.

The OPUS Camp has tremendous economic incentive as well. While music lessons in a studio may cost over $100 an hour as taught privately by an OPUS faculty member, OPUS campers receive an intensive week classes with more than 20 professional faculty and over 12 teaching assistants. The teacher to student ratio is very high (1 to 3 or 4) and the group sees multiple coaches, enabling each child to receive individually-attended and versatile instruction. OPUS encourages all people, regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, age, and disability to participate as students, teaching assistants, and faculty, and by presenting high-quality music to underserved audiences in the community including but not limited to senior citizens, veterans, and other underrepresented populations. The camp is popular and joyful, attracting many of same enthusiastic students year after year.

“Music camp is a place to be with other students or other young people of their age who are excited about music… a lot of progress takes place quickly at music camp because of the energy that’s there. Just the whole environment makes it exciting and therefore a lot of good things happen.”

Dr. Diana Schmück – Pianist and member of the Orion Ensemble, Former OPUS Music Director

“I performed all over the world and throughout all major festivals, chamber music festivals”. …. “I personally didn’t know what to expect other than a music camp for children. And I was absolutely shocked to see there was truly a chamber music camp for children of all ages which is so unique in our city. There is nothing like it in Chicago”

Florentina Ramniceanu – Concert violinist, member of The Orion Ensemble, OPUS Resident Ensemble and Faculty