At 103, Arthritis Doctor Still Leads An Illustrious Medical Career And Plays A Mean Violin

man-violinOn his 103rd birthday, the arthritis doctor could still play a nice tune on the violin. Music is was not his best love, but it was his first love, and it was the muse that accidentally launched him on an illustrious career in medicine.

“Maybe I should have stayed in music but I didn’t, and I’m glad I didn’t,” Dr. Ephraim Engleman said as he celebrated his March 24 birthday at his San Mateo home. “Music is not a great profession. It’s a luxury and a pleasure. And furthermore, I don’t think I was ever quite that good.”

But the San Jose native was still good enough to play Joseph Haydn’s Opus 64, No. 6, on Monday night with the San Andreas Quartet, a group of friends who play every week at his San Mateo home. As they settled in, Engleman, who plays violin, felt some tightness in his hands from old injuries. Read the full article…