Camp Workshops

I. Chamber Music Performances – Masterclasses

The Chen Family Quartet, Robert Chen, violin (Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Concertmaster), Laura Park Chen, violin, Beatrice Chen, viola; and Noah Chen, cello.

The Orion Ensemble, OPUS Camp’s Ensemble-in-Residence
& more distinguished chamber ensembles (to be announced).

II. Arts Connection Projects

(A, B, C or a, b, c – Each camper chooses one. Chamber group C members have the choices of A, B, or C; and chamber group M members will have choices of a, b, c.  Students will write, arrange, or perform, and produce a musical product to showcase by the end of the week.)

Group C (Chamber or Senior Camp)

A. Music Composition – Compose a piece of music that is inspired by a work of visual art (painting, photo, sculpture) or a work of literary art (story, novel, poem  etc.).

B. Fiddle – Totally different from classical, playing by your ears – different feel, musicality and especially bowing.

C. Improvisation – Have fun ‘making up’ some music in this creative improvisation class! Students will try “Pick up and play”, “Call and Response”, and 1-, 2-, and 3-chord guided improvisations using pre-recorded tracks and simple scales. We will improvise in different styles: free, fiddle, blues, rock, jazz, and anything else you come up with. Students will record an audio or video sample of what they have learned to showcase at the end of camp.

 Group M (Music or Junior Camp)

a. You Too Can be a Composer – Under Faculty’s guidance, campers will learn and strengthen their general theory/ harmony/ analysis of music theory knowledge and build a foundation for music composition of any kind.

b. Digital Music Creation (prior exposure required) – Students will enjoy creating music on a digital platform of their choice. There are free online or downloadable platforms students can use like Sound Maker, Looplabs, Groove pizza, Soundtrap, Acapella and Song Maker, Audacity, or students can use technology they might have or acquire like Finale, Garage Band, or FL Studio. Students will write, arrange and produce a musical product to showcase by the end of the week.

c. Videographed Story Including Use of String-based Music
Create a video or a photo montage that is inspired by a piece of string-based music and showcase your story.

III. Special Web-Classes

1. Discover Minority Composers and Their Works

2. Join OPUS Faculty in Learning a New Hobby or Two

    • Cooking/Baking & Recipes, Karate
    • Traveling/Mountaineering/Scene Capture Photography
    • Rock Climbing/Tying a Fishing Knot/Salsa Dance

3. Basics of Conducting