Camp Workshops

2021 Camp Workshops are being finalized. The 2020 Virtual Camp’s Arts Connections Workshops are listed below for your reference.  Please also check out the OPUS Musical Journeys™ (OMJ) Courses, because these OMJ courses are designed to synergize with Arts Connections Workshop projects.

Arts Connections Projects and Web-Special Classes

I. Arts Connection Projects

(A, B or a, b – Each camper chooses one, & pre-formed chamber group members all have the same choice.)

Group C (Chamber)

A. La Folia Variations

Under faculty’s guidance, campers will be asked to write your own variations and use technique that is at their level.

B. Music Creation (prior exposure required)

Students will enjoy creating music on a digital platform of their choice.  There are free online or downloadable platforms students can use like Sound Maker, Looplabs, Groove pizza, Soundtrap, Acapella and Song Maker, or students can use technology they might have or acquire like Finale, Garage Band, or FL Studio. Students will write, arrange and produce a musical product to showcase by the end of the week.

Group M (Music)

a. Irish Fiddle

Totally different from classical – different feel, musicality and especially bowing

b. Improvisation

Have fun ‘making up’ some music in this creative improvisation class! Students will try “Pick up and play”, “Call and Response”, and 1-, 2-, and 3-chord guided improvisations using pre-recorded tracks and simple scales. We will improvise in different styles: free, fiddle, blues, rock, jazz, and anything else you come up with. Students will record an audio or video sample of what they have learned to showcase at the end of camp.

II. Web Special Classes

(All Group C attend the same classes; and all Group M attend the same classes. No choices here.  Every Group C attends the same; and every Group M attends the same.)

Group C (Chamber)

1. Bowing Articulation Workshop

A session on different bow strokes, such as martelé, pique, detaché, sautillé.

Etudes and short excerpts from repertoire to demonstrate.  Excerpts sent to be printed before class. Class will play excerpts together muted, led by teacher. For discussion and teacher’s questions, hands raised, teacher unmutes students individually to hear their answers. Also individual students who want to demonstrate when asked by teacher will be unmuted.

2. Master Class

This master class offers the students the experience of performing a work in progress and additionally observe another student being taught — they hear more new repertoire and see how a given student responds and, hopefully, improves on the spot. Participants will be able to observe the individual lesson of each participant; and perhaps will even be asked to play and be observed by others for potential improvements.

3. Music History

Anecdotal and fun story on Bach’s Cello Suite (more descriptions to come)

Group M (Music)

  1. Maud Powell (One of the first female concert violinists who grew up in Aurora, 2 sessions)

As it is the 100th year anniversary of Maud Powell’s death and as she grew up in Aurora and she was the first or one of the first female concert violinists.

Maud Powell’s 10 practice rules (see link below) is just one of the topics that will be discussed:

  1. Composer Project

Students could choose a composer of a favorite piece of music they have learned, maybe perform the piece for others and explain a few things in the music that represent a bit of what they learned about the composer from their research. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming amount of information/research – maybe even 3-4 interesting musical/historical points.